We’re joined by Josh Smeltzer in the first of our “Two Tips, A Tie & A Tune” series. Watch as Josh talks with chapter board member @Tom Sather about a couple great tips, a go-to fly, and some go-to dirty blues tunes. When Josh isn’t working at his Draft Design House company, you can find him slinging BIG flies on the river, or doing the Fly Strung podcast with buddy Stephen Wisner. Thanks Josh, for taking a few minutes, and for all the great things you’re doing in the western Wisconsin Trout Unlimited community.

We’re joined by Brian J Smolinski of Lund’s Fly Shop for this episode of Two Tips, A Tune & A Tie. Listen and watch as Brian gives us some great advice, and he actually ties up his fly recommendation right on the spot! Be sure to check out Lund’s Fly Shop on Facebook, or check their website at https://www.lundsflyshop.com/. Cold. Clean. Wisconsin Water.

This week we’ve got Stephen Wisner of Eau Claire Anglers stopping by for Two Tips, A Tie & A Tune. Learn about the Steve-Eau (or is it Steve-Eaux) fly and a few more great tips from him. Stephen’s been guiding and fishing nearly all his life – and knows this area’s water like the back of his hand. When he’s not on the water, he’s doing the @Fly Strung podcast with buddy Josh Smeltzer. You can find out more about Stephen and Eau Claire Anglers on his website: https://www.eauclaireanglers.com/

Episode 4 of Two Tips, A Tie & A Tune – this week we’ve got the cerebral wisdom of Peter Jonas — a pastor, a fly fisherman, a staunch advocate for the environment and for cold, clean, Wisconsin water. Peter is also one generous fella – donating a guided trip to our chapter’s auction this past spring. He’s got some great tips, a stellar recommendation for a tie and some sooooothing music. Take a listen…

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