Trout in the Classroom

2017 Trout In The Classroom (TIC) Project, Menomonie Senior High

Environmental Science Instructor, Nate McMahon, is coordinating the second year of the TIC project, sponsored by WI ClearWaters TU. Brown trout fertilized eggs were purchased from 22 Pines Hatchery.

Nate and Dale Dahlke traveled to Frederic to pick up the “eyed-staged” eggs in January.  Mr. McMahon and his students in Environmental Science had done a great job in preparing the 75-gallon tank by ensuring the proper pH, water temperature, and filtering the water in order to get the trout off to a successful start.  Soon the fry emerged, with yolk sacs still attached, and plenty of moving about.  By February the sacs have disappeared and the fry is extremely active and growing.

MHS students are learning about the high water quality requirements of the cold-water species.  Through their work and lab lessons, a new appreciation for trout as an indicator species in our cold-water resources is gained.

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