Clear Water TU Board Meeting Minutes

September – 2018

Board Members (Present*):

Dick Duplessie*

Bob Swanson*

Jim Erickson*

Dale Dahlke*

Greg Lynch*

Tom Sather*

Todd Mau*

  • Election of Board: Dick D. thanked Bob Swanson, Gary Welch and Joe Knight for their years of service the WCWTU Board. They will be missed on Board, but we look forward to their continuing activity and support of WCWTU.

New board members nominated and elected: Bill Heth, Steve Gausman, and Lon Christianson.

Discussion ensued about potential additional board members.

  1. Election of officers

Officers were elected to two-year terms last hear. Terms will expire at the end of the business year. There is a need to have a Vice President in place to take over the duties as President in the upcoming year.

  1. A discussion was had about committee chairpersons for the upcoming year. Committee Chair Division was discussed/agreed to as follows:

Banquet: Jim Erickson

Membership:  Greg Lynch

Youth:  Dale Dahlke(Menomonie) and Mike Shanley(Eau Claire)

Bob Swanson- Spring Youth event (Buffalo/Trempealeau County)

Education: Lon Christianson?

Communication/website:  Tom Sather

Finance- Second set of eyes: Bob Swanson

Hay Creek:  Dick Duplessie, Bill Heth and possibly Tim Meyer.

Brushing: Gary Welch and Frank Lowry

4) Website content:  Jim and Tom talked about the difficulty of getting a story each month on the website (“We need more content”).  The board discussed a few different ideas about this.  One idea was to create a committee and one idea was for each board member be responsible to share a story or find a person who can share a story.  No decision was made as to how to approach the problem.

  1. Brushing Schedule

Gary shared that he will be working on putting together a fall/winter schedule.  Discussion ensued as to days/timing of workdays. Gary will investigate and discuss with Frank Lowry(co-chair) and advise.

  1. Hay Creek update

Chapter has applied for an Embrace-A-Stream grant from national TU in the amount of $10,000  to match chapter donation to project. We are also applying for a separate grant (FishAmerica Foundation) in conjunction with the DNR. Unfortunately, as of yet, NRCS will not partner. However, this is a state of flux/discussion (TU/DNR/NRCS) so this may change.  More to follow.

Bill Heth and Dick D are developing a plan for business/club solicitation and support for the project.

We have also applied for and received a $2000 grant from State TU.

6&7 Finance Update/Fiscal year changes

National fiscal year will end 3/31/19 and will now go April to March 31st.  We will need to (per our Bylaws) change our chapter’s fiscal year to go along with TU.  Dave Z has agreed to function as Treasurer for this year. However, as we are changing fiscal year, we should discuss with Dave. Should he desire to retire as Treasurer, we need to consider bringing on a new treasurer after the close of the fiscal year.  This may mean we should have a new Treasurer by April 1st as we will need to report / file all papers by May 15th. Dick will discuss with Dave Z and get his recommendations as to timing etc. and report back to Board.

Dave has agreed to continue on with Finance Committee Chair until he can train someone in.

Dick advises that, given anticipated changes to the fiscal year, the chapter may want to consider changing Bylaws to elect officers at the beginning of the new fiscal year (instead of September).  This will be a discussion item at a later Board meeting.

  1. Other News or activities we want to undertake.
  • The Chapter will not take on the “Master Fly Tying Class” this year.
  • Gary Welch will help again with fly tying. An increased fee of $45 was approved.
  • 2018 Driftless Bus tour coming up October 16. Call Duke if interested.
  • State Council meeting October 6th in Rhinelander.
  • Dick noted that future chapter meetings dates and Speakers can be found on the website
  • Dick advised that Linn Beck sent letters about youths willing to speak to chapter.
  • Jim shared about the next chapter meeting on October 11th and then gave the list of speakers for the year.

9)   Next Board meeting is 10/9- the main focus will be Banquet.

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