Sean Carey

Jun 18, 2018 | Trout From The Tour

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sean Carey. I grew up in Lake Geneva, WI and came up here for school, particularly the jazz program. I’ve lived in Eau Claire now for 15 years.. wow time flies. I love it here. I get to be a professional musician and be in close proximity to endless fly fishing opportunities.

I got my big break right at the end of college when I approached Justin Vernon and told him I knew all of his new ‘Bon Iver’ songs that he had posted on myspace (remember myspace?). I learned the songs by heart – the drum parts, the lyrics, and I could sing harmonies with him. He was blown away and we’ve been performing together ever since.

After our first 2 years of touring North America, Europe, and even Australia, I came back fully inspired to make my own project, S. Carey. I’ve now put out 3 full-length records with a new one just released this February. We have also been able to tour North America and Europe.

One thing we started doing a few years ago was doing small tours where we only brought a few instruments and played intimate shows in people’s homes. This quickly became our favorite way to tour because it felt less like work, and more like a road trip. Of course, with fewer instruments, we now had more room in the van for our fishing gear and soon starting routing the tours around fly fishing destinations.

Ben Lester and Zach Hanson, both play in the band and are avid fly fishermen. You can thank Ben for actually converting my from spin to fly back in 2007. We still do a lot of traditional tours where we play small clubs and festivals around the country, but we look forward to getting back in the house show circuit in 2019.

Some places we’ve toured and fished are Montana, Colorado, Utah, Washington, South Dakota, Wisconsin(of course), Vermont, North Carolina, New York, and New Jersey. We were even featured in the Drake Magazine podcast, run by EC native Elliot Adler! Listen below… and looking forward to sending more stories from the road. Cheers,




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