Clear Water TU Board Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2018

Board Members (Present*):

Dick Duplessie*

Bill Heth

Jim Erickson*

Dale Dahlke*

Greg Lynch*

Tom Sather*

Lon Christianson*

Matt Wysocki

Guest: Joe Rupslavskas

  1. Banquet-Jim

Made approximately $13,000 last year (Gross).  Jim noted that if we can get up to 10 new or existing members to come to the banquet that would help.  The board discussed sponsorship and other ideas that could encourage members to participate in the banquet.  Jim talked about needing a couple volunteers to help at the banquet.  Several board members said they would be willing to help out and could work at the check in table.  Jim also shared that he would like to invite the two youth that went to TU camp to come to the Banquet.  Steve Wiesner will MC again for the 2018 banquet.  Discussion about Jim needing a successor to take over the responsibilities of putting on the Clear Water annual banquet. 

  1. Hay Creek Update-Dick

Dick noted that Clear Water did get the Embrace a Stream grant.  He talked about the NRCS guidelines and some of the ongoing difficulties with guidelines and how they are followed.  Dick also noted that Hay and Plum creek will need to be re-walked with DNR to determine what stream will receive funds/work.

Discussion about Embrace a Stream fundraising follow-up contest.  This would be a valuable contest in (future) years where an EAS grant application is made. Planning for the contest should occur at the time of the EAS application.  

Dick also asked Board if we should apply for a Friends Grant.  Board determined that we need to determine/rank stream projects before application.

  1. Board candidate/election

Matt Wysocki volunteered to serve on the Clear Water board.  *Dale made a motion to nominate Matt.  All board members agreed with a 2nd motion.  Joe Rupslavskas voiced interest in sitting on the board but is not able to commit at this time.

.4) Old Business (a) Board Blurb; (b) committee chairs; (c) Officer update:

Dick advised board members to make sure they send Jim Erickson a “blurb” about themselves and a picture so the information can be put on the WCWTU website.

Reviewed the list of committee chairs once again.  See last month’s minutes to review the list. Dick encouraged new board members to pick a committee that they are interested in.

Dick announced that Jim Erickson has agreed to take over as president once Dick’s term is up.  Dick talked about needing someone to step up to be a vice president upon Jim elevation to President.  While in the vice president role this person will prepare to take on the president position.

6 New Business: (a)Tim Salwey award support, (b) State Council report, (C) State Banquet tickets, (D) Game fest contact.

 a) It was agreed that the Chapter will honor Tim Salwey with a TU award.

  1. b) Dick reported on recent State Council activities.
  2. c) Dick advised chapter requested to buy 10 tickets to the state banquet. Motion made and approved to have chapter purchase 10 tickets It was agreed that individuals on the board will pay for their own lodging this year -with the exception of the board member(s) (usually 2) who go/goes to represent the chapter at the state meetings.
  3. d) Game Fest contest is in Chippewa Falls on Sept 8th The Board agreed not to participate with a booth.

GRTU Fund Request was discussed and denied.

Jim Erickson informed the board that Burt from the EC River Coalition would like to come to one of our TU board meetings.  Board members thought it would be a good idea to network with this group.

Other notes

  • Dale shared that the TU driftless bus tour will be on 10/16/18
  • Dale talked about people (Dunn County) “jumping” on easements to be done by DNR
  • Dick talked about the importance of keeping aware of the effects of climate change when we choose stream projects.
  • Tom asked about “Chapter Stickers” as a way to promote or bring attention to the chapter. Dick shared that in the past this was attempted but the expense was too high. Tom delegated to investigate.

Meeting adjourned at 8 p.m.

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