Present: Jim Erickson, Dick Duplessie,
Bill Heth, Greg Lynch, Dale Dahlke, Tom Sather, Lon Christianson, Matt Wysocki

regular board meeting of the Wisconsin Clear Waters Trout Unlimited was called
to order by Jim Erickson at 1833.

  1. Discussion: New treasurer. Motion by Heth,
    approved by Sather for approval of Jim Embke as new WCWTU Treasurer. Passed
    unanimously.  Further action: Jim will notify and assist with transition, as will
    prior treasurer.
  • Discussion:
    Requirement of two
    signatures for financial authorization. 
    Agreed upon the following policy: Two signature policy for financial
    authorization can be two signatures from any two board officers. Further action: None.

  • Discussion:
    State board
    meeting discussion: Updates provided.  Further action: None

  • Discussion:
    Stream and
    Maintenance policy modifications and discussion of proposal.  Jim discussed some new ideas and
    modifications to continue to improve upon efficiencies of stream grant reviews,
    and ongoing follow-ups with appropriate agencies. Unanimous agreement to move
    forward with stream policy modifications as discussed and outlined by Jim.  Further
    The following board members are matched tentatively with local
    fisheries and relevant parties:
    • Kasey – Matt and Dale;
    • Joseph: Steve Gausman, Damian and
      Greg Lynch;
    • Dan/Rob — Lon and Todd Mau

  • Discussion:
    Banquet vs. Gala

= fundraiser; Gala = speakers, awareness; Plan is to go with the Gala. This
will happen March 19th, 2020 at Riverview Prairie Center

Further action: Begin planning for the Gala

  • Discussion:
    Trout in Classroom
    – Whitehall Classroom and Boyceville are approved.  Discussion of additional approvals.
    • Approved: moving forward with
      Bloomer Grade School and with DeLong Middle School.
    • Further
      Dale will
      be in contact or facilitate contacts to Bloomer and DeLong. He informed the
      board that the eggs for TIC are now much cheaper to access.

  • Discussion:
    Shift Coffee Shop à Dam discussion at Shift
    10/29.  We were approached by Shift to
    see if we’d be interested in supporting a dam discussion there in some way. We
    agree to support this with social media, publicity and financial support within
    reason (no more than $100 unless further board approval). Further action: Sather to follow up with Shift contact, inform them
    of decision and move forward from there. Will keep board posted.

  • Discussion:
    Fly-tying and fly
    casting classes.  Jim talked with Josh as
    part of the EC FlyTyers.  Proposed open
    flytying group.

  1. Approved: Damian will spearhead the
    flycasting instruction, pending his agreement.  Consider a small, final fishing outing to one
    of our restoration properties.

  1. Adjournment –2023

Minutes submitted by Tom
Sather, Secretary

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