Present: Bill Heth, Steve Gausman, Damian Budzinski, Greg Lynch, Jim Embke, Matt Wysocki, Tom Sather, Lon Christianson, Jim Erickson, Dick Duplessie

The regular board meeting of the Wisconsin Clear Waters Trout Unlimited was called to order by Jim Erickson at 1830.

  1. 2019-2020 Budget. Discussion: Budget approved, including 24k for 1 yr CD. Motion DD, second LC. Unanimous. 
  1. Fly tying with the Eau Claire Fly Tiers. Discussion: This will begin the first Tuesday of January. Josh has put together some promotional info. 
  1. Working with Shift Coffee Shop. Discussion: Generally agreed upon supportive reciprocal relationships and opportunities, current and future to be considered. Action: Sather to reach out and encourage ongoing relationship. 
  1. Rusk County Devils Creek. Discussion: Bill and Steve discussed a proposed modeling based on categories / classifications of watersheds, based on brook trout salvageable water. Action: They will continue ongoing discussions with local stakeholders and participants, will keep board posted. 
  1. Discussion: Primary discussion and agreed upon that it would be a Gala event with two speakers, one of whom is confirmed and one, after discussion, will be approached to solicit potential interest. 
  1. Silent Auction. Discussion: Discussion and agreement that there would be a silent auction and event on Hay Creek to showcase combinations of trout habitat work, as well as support silent auction and fundraising. The silent auction to potentially contain both on-site silent auction items and electronic bidding online. 
  1. New meeting location. Discussion: Discussion focused around potential options for other sites for meeting and will continue to be pursued.

Minutes submitted by Tom Sather, Secretary

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