Wisconsin Clear Water TU Board Meeting Minutes

November 13, 2018

Board Members (Present*):

Dick Duplessie*

Jim Erickson*

Dale Dahlke*

Greg Lynch*

Tom Sather*

Todd Mau*

Lon Christianson*

Bill Heth*

Steve Gausman

Al Noll

New Board member Damian Budzinski*

  1. Tom Sather introduced Damian Budzinski and members unanimously voted Damian onto the board.
  2. Hay Creek Update-Dick (See attachment)

Dick shared that the chapter is still waiting on a 2nd grant.  Dick referenced Joseph’s e-mail indicating that $30K has come from trout stamp monies this year and $20K will be used for the coming year.  Dick and Jim will meet Joseph and Nate at Hay Creek site 0n 11/14 to review project. Board members are invited to attend. Bill shared that he has been soliciting or “planting seeds” with local corporations for possible funding in the year to come. 

The board will decide what additional streams WCWTU wants financially support.  Dick recommends that we not put all of our money into Hay Creek and save additional funds (over and above the $11K previously discussed)  for consideration towards other worthy projects.

 Joseph G. gas applied for TUDARE funds TU. 

Dick advised that things are moving forward on the Hay creek project  and said that Nate will prep the site for rock after the deer season.

  1. Rob Hermann Request for Support (See attached e-mail)

Rob expressed a desire to seek new projects in his area. He is asking the WCWTU to partner with him for grants. Board approved advising Rob that he may represent that the chapter will commit up to $4000 (including cash and labor- with at least 1000 dollars of that amount coming from labor).  Further, Rob shall be advised that the chapter may apply for a Friends grant for one of the projects (as part of the $4k). Rob shall be required to follow the ‘normal’ application process on projects have been finalized (applications due before Feb 1). The board will make a final determination at that time.

  1. Rob Hermann Tour

 Dick suggested doing a spring tour of projects that Rob has done in some of the eastern/southern counties.  The board agreed to request Rob to set up a tour in March or April.  Jim stated that he would put together some dates and send out a signup sheet. Board members are encouraged to go. The tour would be open to other chapter members.

  1. Officer change date consideration – discussion only

Dick facilitated a discussion about a possible change of date for the election of officers to a time that would line up with the new national TU fiscal year (End of March).  The board decided not to go with this change and keep the same election time (September). 

      6. Banquet/Website update re Banquet – Jim

Jim gave an update related to the banquet live auction. He identified that at this time the participants are as listed: Hayward Fly Shop, Friend of Ben Lester who is a guide and offered a trip, Dave Carlson (?), Presidents trip, and Stephen Wisner with Eau Claire Anglers.  Jim is also looking for a trout guided trip.  A few suggestions were offered.

Jim is putting together rod kits from Orvis.  The board agreed to include a Tenkara Rod.

Jim said that he would send out a list of venders and have board members sign up for who they would like to approach for sponsorship or donation.

Dick will do a letter or personal phone call to (former) sponsors who may be out of town during the annual banquet, asking for their consideration of sponsorship.

  1. Marketing issues re: Chapter name – Jim

Jim presented the idea of a possible Chapter name change due to the challenges related to web site confusion.  A lengthy discussion followed Jim’s explanation of confusion or concern with current chapter name.  Discussion was tabled to allow board members to take some time to think this over and consider the ramifications of the same.   This topic will be put back on the December agenda.

 Other notes

  • The Chapter received $750 from the Embrace a Stream challenge contest.  It was noted that the chapter should keep this contest in mind and plan for the same in any future EAS application. 
  • The Chapter received a thank you letter from Kesley Secrist who did an internship in Buffalo County. WCWTU was one of her sponsors.
  • Rodger Kerr sent an e-mail. He continues to propose that anglers “kill more fish”.
  • Dick shared information on the upcoming Flytying course.
  • Dick share a printout of new members






























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