Meeting Minutes


Present: Matt Wysocki, Bill Heth, Lon Christianson, Steve Gausman, Jim Erickson, Dale Dahlke, Tom Sather, Jim Erickson, 

Called to order: 1830 – online via Zoom due to COVID physical distancing recommendations. 

  1. Rob Herman’s North Branch proposal: We will not be funding stream projects at this time. 
  1. Supporting area businesses. Motion Duplessie. Vote 4-4. Does not pass.
  1. Wait until Sept for next meeting. Will await further guidance from local, state and national healthcare officials and TU officials. 
  1. NRCS Standards – DNR is working on standards for habitat restoration projects. 
  1. State council – June meeting is canceled. 
  1. Zoom upgrade. Motion – Christianson to add webinar capacity to Zoom for $400/annually. 
  1. Reminder of need for stream etiquette, and taking care of the stream, picking up litter, general stream common sense. Ongoing challenges easement owners are facing with regard to litter, etc. 

Adjourned: 8:08 pm

Minutes submitted by Tom Sather, Secretary

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