Present: Lon Christianson Steve Gausman, Jim Erickson, Matt Wysocki, Tom Sather, Dale Dahlke, Damian Budzinski

  1. Request for donation: Discussion and approved $150 for American Fisheries Society, as request by Joseph. 
  1. February Chapter Meeting: 
    1. Ben Lester
    2. Brian Smolinski
    3. Rich Osthoff
  1. April Chapter Meeting: Beaver Creek Speaker
  1. Gala conversation – March 19th, 2020: 
  1. Online auction: Damian to talk to Cordell; TS to talk to Hunter and others; 
  2. Steve working with the caterer
  3. Tables/Booths: TIC; ?Mobile App?; DNR habitat display and stream restoration;  Invasive species; ?zerohour if needed flytying? 
  4. Semi – Emcee: TBD
  5. Consider recognition of past members no longer with us at the table top 
  1. Project – Discussion re: collaborative Gilbert Creek project that Dale is working on. Dale motion, Damian 2nd to approve up to $2000 matching funds from Polansky account for Gilbert Creek.
  1. New positions – Black River Fisheries biologist Emma Easterly and habitat specialist Mike Leonhard; Our chapter will host a welcoming event in March, likely March 5th – Todd is working on the dates, will be happening in Waumandee. 
  1. North Branch  of Elk Creek  – discussion with agreement that more discussion needed. 
  1. Driftless Concert Series – Discussion re: potential pros/cons of sponsorship opportunities of this local concert series. Motion made by Sather, 2nd by Gausman, to approve $1500 for Spring 2020 Concert and $1500 for Fall 2020/Spring 2021 concert series. Motion passed unanimously. 
  1. Trout in the Classroom – multiple schools set up. Dale’s gotten the eggs from a wild strain of browns, which is innovative. Positive movement . 

Meeting adjourned 

Minutes submitted by Tom Sather, Secretary

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