Chapter Meetings Start at 7:00 PM

Chapter Meeting location  Modicum
3732 Spooner Ave, Altoona, WI 54720

Come Join Us for Gore-Tex Wader Repair 11/14/19

Come join us for a very interesting and informative meeting on care and repair of Gore-Tex Waders!

Gabe Schubert, representative for Simms Fishing Products, the leader in USA made wader manufacturing, will be on hand to walk you through how to care for, and what you can do to repair Gore-Tex waders.
Ever wonder how you find yourself with leaky waders when you didn’t snag them on barb-wire or run a sharp stick into your shin?  It’s a common problem, as we all know that sooner or later, a pair of waders are going to spring a leak.  But what can be done, short of sending them into the manufacturer and going through a repair process?  Especially if you’re in the thick of the season and don’t have the time to be with-out.

You will learn what are the common causes of leaks, how to identify and repair, how warranties work, and how to care for your waders to maximize your investment of high quality Gore-Tex waders.


Fly Fishing for Steelhead featuring Jeff Treu 12/12/19

The program focuses on fly fishing for Steelhead on the Great Lakes tributaries. Covering mainly those of Lakes Michigan, Superior and Huron. Fall, Winter and Spring seasons each have their own challenges with changing water temperatures and stream flow. Reading the water, fly selection and presentation will also be discussed. The program will also touch on conservation strategies for the future of the Great Lakes Fishery.  



A Evening With Our Local DNR Fish Biologist 1/08/20

We have the three DNR fish biologist that reside over our nine county chapter district, presenting the state of our local waters and what the future has in store.
Joseph Gerbyshak – Chippewa, Dunn, Pepin,  and Eau Claire Counties
Dan Hatleli – Buffalo, Jackson, and Trempealeau Counties
Kasey Yalley – Dun County

Speed Dating With Fly's 02/13/20

You may have heard of “Speed Dating.” We have added a different twist “Speed Fly Tying.” We have invited three Wisconsin guides to join us and tie two of their favorite fly’s. Our Guides are place at a table where 8-10 folks watch the fly created and a discussion on the presentation. After 25 minutes you move to the next table, and begin the process again, and after 25 minutes you get to experience the third table. You have three opertunties to discuss how to present their creations to our friends with scales that seem to outsmart a number of us.

Clear Waters TU 47th Annual Banquet 03/19/20

Come join us for the WI Clear Waters TU Chapter Banquet’s 47th Anniversary. An evening of food, drinks, raffles, and surprises. Catch up with old friends and meet new fellow anglers. Same location as last year The Clarion Hotel

Doors Open at 5 pm – Watch for Updates


Invasive Species April 8th Presented By AJ Leiden Beaver Creek AIS Coordinator

Whether they come in ballast water, on the hulls of recreation boats or from the water of an angler’s bait bucket, many non-native species such as zebra mussels and Eurasian water milfoil have found their way into Wisconsin’s waterways. Their presence can cause severe damage to local ecosystems, industry and tourism. However, the Wisconsin DNR is part of a strong partnership of public and private stakeholders in Wisconsin committed to an effective strategy of prevention, containment and control. The more you know about these invaders, the more you can do to help stop the spread to Wisconsin’s precious waters.

The Annual Driftless Camping Trip in May

Campground and dates will be posted after the first of the year.

Gone Fishing!!!! Until Next October

Nothing more to say, but tight lines and wear sunscreen.
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