Present: Matt Wysocki, Bill Heth, Lon Christianson, Steve Gausman, Jim Erickson, Dale Dahlke, Tom Sather, Damian Budzinski, Dick Duplessie, Todd Mau, Jim Erickson

Called to order: 1907 – meeting via Zoom

  1. Brushing updates – Matt;  Plan: Matt will put a plan together on pesticide applications. 
  2. Virtual Chapter Meetings: Plan is for Zoom meetings for chapter meetings for the foreseeable future; first Zoom Chapter meeting November, 2020. 
  3. New Membership: High rate of new members; agreed that chapter members to contact new members. Board to work on boiler plate language. 
  4. Al Noll Memorial fund – discussion re: use of monies for a memorial bench; discussion to continue 
  5. Watershed H2oWise Project: agreed on using Elk as our testing grounds; Heth will let people know when the kits arrive. 
  6. Trout in Classroom: Motioned (Duplessie) and seconded (Gausman) to purchase TIC equipment, and will monitor situation relating to Covid-related school closures. Motion passes. 
  7. Donation to Pablo Center Bridge Grant Fund for $1000. Motion by Gausman, second by Heth. Motion passes. 

Adjourned: 2057

Minutes submitted by Tom Sather, Secretary

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