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The latest Two Tips, a Tie and a Tune

Here from board member Matt Wysocki as he talks not just about his tips, ties, and tunes, but also about his role as coordinator of stream restoration and stream maintenance projects with our chapter. Matt plans, organizes, and coordinates these projects. Learn about the impact of these projects on the fishery, the water and the environment. And learn too about volunteer opportunities if you’re interested in being a part of these projects.


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Wisconsin Clear Waters is excited to announce the Al Noll Gilbert Creek Memorial Fund. Your donations to this fund will continue the improvement of Al’s favorite stream. Al even named his famous hunting partner (Dog) Gillie as a namesake to Gilbert Creek.

Plus, Wisconsin Clear Waters TU will match your donation to the Ojibleau Legacy Fund in Al’s name.

Dear Fellow Anglers

Most of us fly anglers who live in the Driftless are grateful for anglers from other regions and states who enjoy fishing here.  Fortunately there are plenty of streams and plenty of trout and I personally am a firm believer that trout streams need friends and advocates.  But please be aware that currently most Wisconsin counties in the Driftless region have a very low COVID-19 infection rate and most of us are doing our best to follow social distancing guidelines so that we can return to regular business and travel practices as soon as possible.

We are seeing a fair number of out of state vehicles on Wisconsin Driftless streams.  Some of them are from areas that are COVID-19 Hotspots.  Folks are coming from distances that make it necessary for them to stop at convenience stores, gas stations, restaurant take out, and secure overnight accommodations.  It is true that it is currently legal to fish in Wisconsin and out of state licenses are still for sale.  But I am asking, is it wise and in the best interest of your neighbors to come here at this time?

One local fly shop is encouraging people to only make day trips to areas they can fish.  I recognize not everyone can do this.  But I am inviting you to think carefully about whether a fishing trip that involves significant distance, social interaction at businesses and overnight accommodation is important enough to risk spreading infection to a region that is not suffering from community spread of COVID-19?

Author Peter Jonas


Did you miss our November chapter meeting with      Brian Smolinski of Lunds’s Fly Shop and Gabe Schubert from Dry Fly Sales.

Check it out above via our YouTube channel. Loaded with great content – gear, lines, retrofitting lines, neutrally buoyant streamers, etc. etc. Thanks Brian and Gabe – fantastic night.

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